Website design services

Having a professional custom website can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients?

So now ask yourself this question,”Can I afford NOT to have a professional website?”

L. S. Website Design is YOUR leading web design company Designing and Building YOU a custom website at a affordable price and we help by offering payment plans, if needed. Because the most important thing is to get your business online- Today!

All great business originate with a professionally custom Designed and Built website. The Internet has made the way for business to handle today’s businesses and your website is the doorway to these business opportunities. L. S. Website Design will help YOU do that for you.

A verifiable online presence has become vital for every company to lead its competition and to protect a leading position in the industry. It’s not only important to reflect the business strategy of a company through its website but, it is just as important to connect with your potential customers and partners.

Don’t settle on a Template (a copy) Website!

When you can have your own Fully Custom Designed Website…..

For a one time set up fee of only $500.00 and a fixed fee of $250 per page.


What does this really mean? Just what it says. That’s it! No hidden cost. Every expense is explained and listed below.


Each year that you sign up hosting with us, your domain name and business e-mail account will be FREE.


We design, set up and more! We do it all for YOU – Just tell us what your want, along with your photo’s and verbiage.


Why pay monthly fee’s for maintenance (as they call it) when some months you have no changes? Why pay for what you don’t need! There are no hidden fees with LS Website Design – Prices to add or remove are listed below.

Why pay up into the thousands, for your web site. YOU now can start off with just one or a couple of pages, that’s ok! Add pages as you need them and can afford them. Start small and work your way up. E-mail us all your info and photos and we can get started for you. With-in 48 hours we will have a draft online for you to approve. Go to our Portfolio page to check some of the websites that we have already built. You pay only $75.00 per year for hosting, (your domain name and business e-mail are free). Then you pay a one time fee of only $250.00 per page, (You provide photos and verbiage) for a custom design web page. PAYMENT NOT DUE until you approve of what you see. If YOU don’t like the way your site looks, you don’t pay, as simple as that. You only pay when you like what you see. So as you see, YOU have nothing to lose.

Start off with one page at $250.00 and the set up fee (You provide photos and verbiage) plus $75.00 to host, domain name and free e-mail. Add pages as you can afford it. The important thing is to get your business on line and remember another important thing, 95% are all on the first page of Google.

We except all major credit cards through PayPal a proven safe and secure credit card service.


One of our professional Web Designers will contact you and will work one on one with you and you don’t pay for your web site until you approve of your site. We will be in constant contact with you and tweaking your site just the way you want it. At times we may change your wording to help get your site on first page of Google and or Yahoo.
Guarantee Satisfaction!

R A Satisfaction Guarantee
You Can Put Your Faith in

Why risk hiring a professional website design firm that doesn’t guarantee their work? If they don’t have enough confidence in their work to offer a satisfaction guarantee you may want to reconsider hiring them! We know our website (web) designers are confident in their work, and LS Website Design are confident they will provide you with a website (web) design you will be proud of.

REMEMBER you don’t pay anything until you approve your site and or price.
YOU have nothing to lose!

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